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“If you are not moving forward, you are falling back.” Why settle for a stagnant career option when you can have a whole new era of mobility? Why whinge in the compact present when you can wangle the brawny future? We assure a healthy competitive environment to polish your skills and come out as great workforce. Whatever you desire to achieve, we give you the apparatus, the appraisal and a team of experienced individuals to guide you throughout the journey.

We are not just some technology-based company full of coded zombies, we are a Company of enlivened souls always stirred up to create and built new technology. It is you upon whom we rely to make a great name for the company and yourself.

Welcome to a new era of: Futuristic, Ingenious and Triumphant world of SOFTA

Web Development

Minimum 2+ years of working experience on Javascript, JAVA, Python, PHP, Go, Node.js, MongoDB, Redis, PostgreSQL, WebStorm..etc

UI\UX Design

Minimum 2+ years of working experience on HTML 5, CSS 5, React, Angular, Flutter, VUE.js, JQuery...etc.

Flutter Development

We are looking for a Flutter developer who is proficient with a dart programming language. Develop new user-facing features using Dart / Flutter framework. Minimum of 1.5 years of experience.